LongTail Log Analysis

Trends In Non Root Passwords From Most Common To 20th

Format is number of tries : password tried. Entries In red are the first time that entry was seen in the top 20.

Created on Wed Aug 24 12:45:41 EDT 2016
Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
2016/07/10/ 1:view 1:that 1:permission 1:page 1:not 1:is 1:







1: 1:123qwe 1:123456 1:1234
2016/07/09/ 4:support 3:ubnt 3:raspberry 3:PlcmSpIp 3:asteriskftp 3:admin 2:www 2:user 2:root 2:guest 2:adam 1:\r"">xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">\r 1:xbmc 1:webmaster 1:webadmin123 1:"-//W3C//DTD 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:\r"">type="text/css">\r 1:test123
2016/07/08/ 1:vyatta\r 1:user\r 1:teamspeak\r 1:smtp\r
2016/07/07/ 22:NY 13:NJ 11:MA 9:TX 9:CA 7:OH 6:password 6:FL 6:City 5:VA 5:PA 5:IL 5:CT 5:123456 4:test 4:MN 4:LA 4:IN 4:AL 3:ts3\r
2016/07/06/ 7:password 6:admin 4:123456 4:12345 3:1234 2:TX 2:support\r 2:raspberry 2:NY 2:IL 2:GA 2:ftpuser 2:FL 1:York 1:www 1:webmaster 1:WA 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:user1
2016/07/05/ 2:user 2:test 2:backup\r 1:ubnt 1:ts\r 1:tom 1:test123 1:support\r 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp\r 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:mysql 1:info\r 1:guest\r 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:adam 1:123456
2016/07/04/ 4:user\r 4:raspberry 3:support 3:root 3:admin 2:user 2:ubnt123 2:ubnt 2:ts\r 2:test 2:smtp\r 2:sebastian\r 2:raspberry\r 2:postgres\r 2:pi 2:jack\r 2:ftp 2:alpine 1:ubnt\r 1:testuser
2016/07/03/ 3:raspberry 3:nagios\r 3:admin 2:user\r 2:ts3\r 2:postgres\r 2:pi 2:david\r 2:backup\r 2:alpine 1:vyatta\r 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:ubnt 1:ts3srv\r 1:test123 1:test 1:teamspeak\r 1:support 1:send\r
2016/07/02/ 2:support 2:info\r 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:ubnt123 1:ubnt 1:ts\r 1:ts3srv\r 1:test 1:support\r 1:sshd\r 1:send\r 1:sebastian\r 1:raspberry 1:postgres\r 1:ftp 1:default\r 1:debug\r 1:david\r 1:cisco\r
2016/07/01/ 3:ubnt 2:test\r 2:sales\r 1:vyatta\r 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:ubnt123 1:ts\r 1:ts3\r 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry\r 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp\r 1:ftp 1:default\r 1:debug\r 1:christian\r 1:aaron\r
2016/06/30/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp 1:guest 1:asteriskftp
2016/06/29/ 4:ubnt 4:support 3:PlcmSpIp 2:user 2:asteriskftp 1:vagrant 1:test 1:root 1:public 1:password 1:pass 1:operator 1:guest 1:ftp 1: 1:default 1:cisco 1:anonymous 1:123456 1:1234
2016/06/28/ 3:user 3:ubnt 3:support 3:raspberry 3:password 3:ftp 2:test 2:PlcmSpIp 2:monitor 2:guest 2:asteriskftp 2:123456 1:uucp 1:ubnt123 1:suppor 1:sshd 1:operator 1:mysql 1:cisco 1:Admin
2016/06/27/ 3:password\r 2:TELESUP\r 2:super\r 2:smcadmin\r 2:OCS\r 2:COGNOS\r 1:xxyyzz\r 1:XLSERVER\r 1:xbox\r 1:user 1:ubnt 1:sysadm\r 1:supportpw\r 1:support 1:SESAME\r 1:rwa\r 1:RSX\r 1:raspberry 1:q\r 1:operator\r
2016/06/26/ 4:password\r 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 2:COGNOS\r 1:webadmin\r 1:uucp 1:tlah\r 1:TCH\r 1:SYS\r 1:surt\r 1:SUPPORT\r 1:smile\r 1:SECURITY\r 1:$secure$\r 1:secret\r 1:rw\r 1:RSX\r 1:radware\r
2016/06/25/ 4:admin 3:ubnt 2:user 2:root 2:operator\r 1:XLSERVER\r 1:xdvolition 1:vt100 1:ts3 1:tiara 1:teacher 1:sysadmin 1:support 1:smcadmin\r 1:$secure$\r 1:router 1:raspberry 1:radware 1:patrol 1:password\r
2016/06/24/ 2:test 2:prashant@123 2:prashant123 2:prashant 2:postgres 2:password\r 2:openerp 2:git 1:zori@123 1:zori123 1:zori 1:yuvraj@123 1:yuvraj123 1:yuvraj 1:yang@123 1:yang123 1:yang 1:webuser@123 1:webuser123 1:webuser
2016/06/23/ 1:webmaster\r 1:ubnt 1:support 1:root\r 1:raspberry 1:operator 1:nathan\r 1:matthew\r 1:julian\r 1:isaiah\r 1:harold 1:ghost 1:ftpuser
2016/06/22/ 10:123456 2:ubnt 2:mysql 2:liu 2:info 2:hadoop 2:git 2:ftpuser 2:fms 2:db2inst1 2:db2fenc1 2:cyrus 2:cmsftp 2:cacti 2:app 2:altibase 2:alexander\r 2:123 2:1 1:zxin10
2016/06/21/ 7:1234 6:password 6:123456 3:user 3:sysadmin 3:raspberry\r 3:qwerty 3:dominic\r 3:admin 2:testuser 2:tester 2:test123 2:test 2:raspberry 2:public\r 2:nagiosuser 2:library 2:julian\r 2:git\r 2:asdfgh
2016/06/20/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test123 1:test 1:Sun, 1:(squid/2.7.STABLE3) 1:"">size="1px"> 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp2 1:PlcmSpIp123 1:PlcmSpIp1 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:Jun 1:guest 1:ftpuse 1:by 1:asteriskftp 1:admin
2016/06/19/ 1:URL 1:"">type="text/css"> 1:The 1:returned: 1:retrieved 1:request 1:refused 1:not 1:"">"http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> 1:HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" 1: 1:following 1:down. 1: 1:be 1:4.01 1:(111)
2016/06/18/ 4:support 4:admin 3:ubnt 3:raspberry 2:user 2:test123 2:test 2:student 2:root 2:prashant@123 2:prashant123 2:prashant 2:postgres 2:pi 2:oracle 2:  2:mysql 2:info 2:git 2:ftpuser
2016/06/17/ 7:raspberry 6:ubnt 6:support 6:admin 5:user 5:password 5:12345 4:test 4:PlcmSpIp\r 4:PlcmSpIp 4:pass 4:guest 3:webmaster 3:vmware\r 3:uucp 3:testuser 3:test123 3:postfix 3:operator 3:nagios
2016/06/16/ 4:ubnt 4:raspberry 4:admin 3:user 3:support 2:test 2:root 1:www 1:webmaster 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:url 1:testuser 1:test123 1:temppwd\r 1:student 1:spam 1:sales 1:p@ssw0rd\r 1:postgres
2016/06/15/ 3:ubnt 3:password 2:uploader\r 2:ts3srv\r 2:root 2:josiah\r 2:dms\r 1:xiaoroot 1:xavier 1:vbox\r 1:vbox 1:vagrant\r 1:user 1:ts\r 1:to 1:testuser\r 1:sysadmin\r 1:support\r 1:support 1:student\r
2016/06/14/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:unknown\r 1:support 1:raspberry 1:mason\r 1:jaxson\r
2016/06/13/ 3:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:raspberry 2:karaf\r 1:webmaster\r 1:tom\r 1:tecmint\r 1:student\r 1:raspberry\r 1:postgres\r 1:operator\r 1:logan\r 1:leo\r 1:kayden\r 1:guest\r 1:grayson\r 1:git\r 1:ethan\r 1:eli\r
2016/06/12/ 2:sybase\r 2:raspberry\r 2:lp\r 2:kevin\r 2:kayden\r 2:john\r 2:hunter\r 2:henry\r 2:dev\r 2:christopher\r 2:asteriskftp\r 1:xavier\r 1:www-data\r 1:uucp\r 1:user 1:uploader\r 1:tmp\r 1:testuser\r 1:test\r 1:test
2016/06/11/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:ryder\r 1:raspberry 1:anonymous\r
2016/06/10/ 2:ubnt 2:ts\r 2:testuser\r 2:sybase\r 2:raspberry\r 2:nolan\r 2:applmgr\r 1:visitor\r 1:uucp\r 1:user 1:tom\r 1:tmp\r 1:suser\r 1:support\r 1:support 1:student\r 1:rasplex\r 1:postfix\r 1:openbravo\r 1:nicholas\r
2016/06/09/ 3:ubnt 2:visitor\r 2:NM1$88\r 2:ftp\r 2:admin 1:xbmc\r 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:tomcat\r 1:support\r 1:support 1:root 1:robert\r 1:rasplex\r 1:raspberry 1:P@ssword1129 1:proftpd\r 1:postfix\r 1:osmc\r 1:openbravo\r
2016/06/08/ 2: 2:/> 1:validation 1:ubnt 1:type="text/css" 1:support 1:name="keywords" 1: 1:Joomla, 1:http-equiv="content-type" 1:content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" 1:content="noindex, 1:charset="UTF-8" 1:charset=utf-8"
2016/06/07/ 308:123456 7:1234 6:user 6:password 5:test 5:admin 4:alex 4:adam123 4:adam 4:12345678 3:wwwrun 3:test123 3:sysadmin 3:support 3:root 3:ronald123 3:raspberry 3:qwerty 3:paul 3:guest123
2016/06/06/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test123 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:nagios 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:adam
2016/06/04/ 1:zachary\r 1:xavier\r 1:vmware\r 1:ubnt 1:ts3\r 1:test\r 1:telnet\r 1:student\r 1:recruit\r 1:PlcmSpIp\r 1:operador\r 1:matthew\r 1:hudson\r 1:elijah\r 1:Cisco\r 1:brandon\r 1:anonymous\r
2016/06/03/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:PlcmSpIp 1:kodi\r 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:1234
2016/06/02/ 1:ubnt
2016/06/01/ 4:ubnt 2:support 2:caleb\r 2:123 2:1 1:xavier\r 1:vmware\r 1:user1 1:user 1:ubnt\r 1:test 1:scanner 1:scan 1:remote 1:raspberry\r 1:PlcmSpIps 1:play 1:piCore\r 1:password 1:openbravo\r
2016/05/31/ 3:tyler\r 2:ubnt 2:teamspeak\r 2:sybase\r 2:raspberry\r 2:netapp\r 2:hunter\r 2:cashier\r 1:xbmc\r 1:wyatt\r 1:www-data\r 1:webmaster\r 1:webftp\r 1:ubnt\r 1:tom\r 1:tmp\r 1:test\r 1:telnet\r 1:svn\r 1:support\r
2016/05/30/ 2:ts\r 2:brandon\r 1:xbmc\r 1:www-data\r 1:weblogic\r 1:ubnt 1:ts3srv\r 1:ts3\r 1:tecmint\r 1:tcuser\r 1:sshd\r 1:ryan\r 1:robert\r 1:recruit\r 1:project\r 1:proftpd\r 1:PlcmSpIp\r 1:nolan\r 1:mfs\r 1:media\r
2016/05/29/ 2:wyatt\r 1:www-data\r 1:vagrant\r 1:user 1:ts3\r 1:telnet\r 1:svn\r 1:parker\r 1:osmc\r 1:operator\r 1:mason\r 1:lp\r 1:kayden\r 1:juan\r 1:josiah\r 1:jayden\r 1:jaxson\r 1:jacob\r 1:isaiah\r 1:hdfs\r
2016/05/28/ 3:suser\r 3:password 2:user 2:ubnt 2:ts3\r 2:-t 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:monitor 2:jack\r 2:guest\r 1:ubnt\r 1:tyler\r 1:tmp\r 1:test\r 1:test 1:system 1:sysadmin\r 1:support 1:sshd
2016/05/27/ 2:  1:user 1:ubnt
2016/05/26/ 6:123456 4:ubnt 4:qwe123 3:root 3:PlcmSpIp 3:password 3:default 3:asteriskftp 3:admin 1:vnc 1:travis 1:todd 1:support 1:student 1:notes2 1:laraht 1:juliejung123 1:domain 1:daniel 1:byu123
2016/05/25/ 8:123456 4:  3:support 2:raspberry 2:qwe123 1:xbmc123 1:xbmc 1:wwwroot123 1:vmware 1:user 1:unknown 1:ubnt 1:tst 1:travis123 1:todd 1:testuser 1:testing 1:test123 1:test 1:teamspeak
2016/05/24/ 9:123456 6:ubnt 4:  4:123qwe 2:support 2:market123 1:webmaster 1:tanja 1:shane123 1:samuel 1:rheal123 1:qwe123 1:public 1:pos123 1:parker 1:openvpn 1:oliver 1:oleta123 1:odoo 1:nolan
2016/05/23/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:oracle 1:_
2016/05/22/ 1:ubuntu
2016/05/21/ 4:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:info 2:guest 2:ftpuser 2:apache 1:xerox123 1:www 1:web 1:vyatta 1:vnc 1:uucp 1:ubuntu 1:test 1:teamspeak3 1:sshd 1:shoutcast 1:server 1:sarah
2016/05/20/ 3:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:raspberry 1:qwe123
2016/05/19/ 6:Admin@123 4:test 4:prashant@123 4:prashant123 4:prashant 3:vnc 3:support 3:ftpuser 2:zori@123 2:zori123 2:zori 2:yuvraj@123 2:yuvraj123 2:yuvraj 2:yang@123 2:yang123 2:yang 2:webuser@123 2:webuser123 2:webuser
2016/05/18/ 4:ubnt 4:test 3:teamspeak3 3:support 2:user 2:ubuntu 2:testing 2:teamspeak 2:root 2:raspberry 2:postgres 2:mythtv 2:default 2:admin 2:1 1:xerox123 1:www 1:wordpress 1:web 1:vyatta
2016/05/17/ 3:ubnt 2:Admin@123 1:xerox123 1:vnc 1:teamspeak3 1:support 1:sshd 1:server 1:qwerty 1:project 1:postgres 1:personal 1:operator 1:O&m15213 1:ns 1:linux 1:image 1:hlds 1:ftpuser 1:forum
2016/05/16/ 2:ubnt 1:www 1:web 1:vyatta 1:user 1:ubuntu 1:test 1:shoutcast 1:raspberry 1:radio 1:PlcmSpIp 1:mythtv123 1:mythtv 1:live 1:info 1:id 1:guest 1:ftpuser123 1:doctor 1:dan
2016/05/15/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:raspberry 1:xerox123 1:www 1:web 1:vyatta 1:test 1:support 1:shoutcast 1:operator 1:mythtv123 1:mythtv 1:live 1:info 1:id 1:doctor 1:dan 1:ctrls 1:csgoserver
2016/05/14/ 1:ubnt
2016/05/12/ 1:xerox123 1:www 1:vyatta 1:vnc 1:ubuntu 1:ubnt 1:test 1:teamspeak3 1:support 1:sshd 1:shoutcast 1:server 1:radio 1:qwerty 1:project 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:personal 1:operator 1:ns
2016/05/11/ 3:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:web 1:mythtv 1:live 1:info 1:id 1:dan 1:ctrls 1:csgoserver 1:ask
2016/05/10/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:raspberry
2016/05/09/ 3:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:operator 1:xerox123 1:webadmin 1:vnc 1:user 1:tech 1:teamspeak3 1:sshd 1:server 1:radio 1:qwerty 1:project 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:personal 1:password 1:ns
2016/05/08/ 4:ubnt 2:raspberry 2:info 2:123 2:1 1:www 1:web 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:user1 1:user 1:ubuntu 1:test 1:support 1:shoutcast 1:scanner 1:scan 1:remote 1:PlcmSpIp 1:play
2016/05/07/ 3:ubnt 1:vnc 1:hlds
2016/05/06/ 4:ubnt 2:teamspeak3 2:support 2:server 2:qwerty 2:operator 2:admin 1:xerox123 1:webadmin 1:vnc 1:user 1:test 1:tech 1:sshd 1:project 1:personal 1:password 1:ns 1:  1:manager
2016/05/05/ 4:test 3:postgres 3:ftpuser123 3:ajay 3:a 2:vyatta 2:user 2:ubuntu 2:support 2:raspberry 2:radio 2:prashant@123 2:prashant123 2:prashant 2:PlcmSpIp 2:info 2:image 2:guest 2:doctor 2:data
2016/05/04/ 10:user 9:test 8:password 7:123456 6:ubuntu 6:ubnt 6:test123 6:1234 6:123321 6:111111 5:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 5:!@#$zzidcQWER10.1 5:zxqqy 5:zxcvbnm 5:wwwroot 5:www.linkidc.com 5:www.baidu.com 5:wuzhuang_79@163.com 5:winner 5:whiting
2016/05/03/ 1:vyatta 1:raspberry 1:live
2016/05/02/ 3:user 2:ubnt 2:support 1:webadmin 1:test 1:tech 1:raspberry 1:password 1:operator 1:manager 1:admin 1:123456 1:123321 1:111111
2016/04/30/ 4:ubnt 4:support 2:test 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:guest 2:asteriskftp 1:zq 1:vyatta 1:ubuntu123 1:ubuntu 1:test123 1:temppwd 1:student 1:postgres 1:operator 1:mike 1:live 1:library 1:info
2016/04/29/ 4:ubnt 3:support 2:vargant 2:ubuntu123 2:ubuntu 2:test 2:temppwd 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:hlds 2:ctrls 2:asteriskftp 1:vyatta 1:user 1:postgres 1:live 1:info 1:guest 1:csgoserver
2016/04/28/ 2:123456 1:webadmin 1:vyatta 1:vargant 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:tech 1:support 1:raspberry 1:password 1:operator 1:manager 1:live 1:admin 1:123321 1:111111
2016/04/27/ 7:test 7:guest 6:user 5:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 5:zxin10 5:zxcvbnm 5:ZTE@uss100 5:xiaoying 5:wwwroot 5:wq 5:windows 5:utbn 5:uname 5:toto 5:toor@2012 5:Tianjing-10-PPVA 5:talent 5:sys 5:SWAdmin@123 5:svrlist
2016/04/26/ 3:ubnt 3:raspberry 2:user 2:support 2:operator 2:demo 1:zabbix123 1:xbmc 1:webmaster 1:webadmin 1:vyatta 1:vargant 1:uucp 1:test 1:teamspeak3 1:student 1:skan123 1:share 1:s3rv1c3s 1:project
2016/04/25/ 6:admin@123 4:password 4:1qaz2wsx 4:123456 3:!zyyy88779966 3:zxcvbnm 3:!@#$zxcv 3:zxc12345 3:zxc1234 3:zxc123 3:!Z@X#C 3:zonealarm 3:zone 3:!@))%!zogon360 3:zhongguoidc2008 3:!@#zhanw110..!qwe!@# 3:zgidc2007 3:zaqwsxcde123 3:zaqwsxcde!@# 3:$YhL6fN)qCG$nn!
2016/04/24/ 5:password 3:123456 2:xerox123 2:index 2:database 1:zaq12wsx 1:webportal 1:web 1:ubnt 1:testuser123 1:test 1:support123 1:support 1:shoutcast 1:rdp 1:qz 1:prueba123 1:phpbb 1:personal 1:pc
2016/04/23/ 6:ubnt 4:raspberry 3:user 2:support 1:vbox 1:test 1:osmc 1:nagios 1:monitor 1:guest 1:backup
2016/04/22/ 6:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:raspberry 1:test 1:nagios 1:monitor 1:guest 1:backup
2016/04/21/ 2:password 2:database 1:zaq12wsx 1:uucp 1:usr 1:ubnt 1:ts 1:testuser123 1:teste 1:test 1:teamspeak 1:support 1:super 1:student 1:services123 1:s3rv1c3s 1:rdp 1:prueba 1:postgres 1:phpbb
2016/04/20/ 4:password 3:test 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:mythtv123 2:database 1:xerox123 1:usr 1:ts2 1:ts 1:training 1:topic 1:test123 1:tech 1:samba 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:ns
2016/04/19/ 8:password 7:123456 2:info 2:ftpuser 2:changeme 2:12345 1:webadmin 1:vyos 1:vagrant 1:user1 1:uploader 1:upload 1:ubnt 1:tuser 1:ttest 1:ts3srv 1:training 1:tomcat 1:tim 1:tiffany123
2016/04/18/ 2:ubnt 2:operator 1:webadmin 1:user 1:test 1:tech 1:support 1:password 1:manager 1:admin 1:123456 1:123321 1:111111
2016/04/17/ 3:password 2:ubnt 1:zaq12wsx 1:webportal 1:webadmin123 1:webadmin 1:video 1:user 1:ts2 1:support 1:student 1:shoutcast 1:services 1:select 1:samba 1:redis 1:raspberry 1:Qwerty 1:ns 1:menu
2016/04/16/ 3:password 1:xerox123 1:xbmc 1:webadmin 1:vnc 1:teamspeak123 1:services 1:qz 1:qwerty 1:pc1 1:open 1:office123 1:office 1:ns 1:mythtv123 1:music123 1:monitor 1:machine 1:ghost123 1:forum123
2016/04/15/ 2:ubnt
2016/04/14/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:12345 1:www 1:support 1:super 1:raspberry 1:guest
2016/04/13/ 15:123456 14:password 7:qwerty 3:web123 2:webmaster 2:user 2:tomcat123 2:tomcat 2:test123 2:test 2:student 2:raspberry 2:oracle123 2:nagios 2:michael123 2:michael 2:linux 2:1q2w3e 1:zaq1xsw2 1:zabbix
2016/04/12/ 19:password 3:ubnt 2:webmaster 2:test 2:support 2:operator 2:123456 1:webmail 1:webadmin 1:wd 1:user 1:ts 1:tomcat123 1:tomcat1 1:tomcat 1:thomas123 1:thomas 1:test1234 1:test123 1:test12
2016/04/11/ 2:ubnt 1:wildfly 1:tedial 1:support 1:sunrise 1:nexus 1:john 1:gateway 1:fmaster
2016/04/10/ 4:user 4:ubuntu 4:toor@2012 4:test 4:sunshine 4:sc123445 4:samsung 4:root 4:qwerty 4:qwer1234 4:Password123 4:password 4:%NULL% 4:!null! 4:manager 4:joshua 4:idc2-pl,=[;. 4:hld2013 4:firewall 4:admin@123
2016/04/09/ 1:ubnt 1:raspberry
2016/04/08/ 2:test 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:guest
2016/04/07/ 15:ubnt 11:user 10:test 10:password 10:admin 10:123456 10:123321 10:111111 9:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 9:!@#$zzidcQWER10.1 9:zxqqy 9:zxcvbnm 9:wwwroot 9:www.linkidc.com 9:www.baidu.com 9:wuzhuang_79@163.com 9:winner 9:whiting 9:Welcome123 9:%username%
2016/04/06/ 6:password 3:test 3:admin 3:1234 2:ubnt 2:testuser 2:support 2:operator 2:nagios 2:monitor 2:helpdesk 2:123456 1:webmaster 1:uucp 1:user 1:testtest 1:testing 1:test123 1:tech 1:sysadmin
2016/04/05/ 4:ubnt 4:admin 3:user 3:test 3:support 3:guest 2:www 2:webmaster 2:root 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:nagios 2:john 2:info 2:git 2:bin 2:asteriskftp 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:url
2016/03/29/ 1:uucp 1:guest
2016/03/28/ 5:ubnt 2:support 1:xiao 1:WorldDomination 1:user 1:ts3 1:student 1:ryan 1:raspberry 1:radiobest 1:qwe123 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:  1:libuuid 1:informix 1:info 1:guest 1:brayden
2016/03/27/ 3:ubnt 2:user 2:support 1:xzsawq21 1:server 1:send 1:raspberry 1:john
2016/03/26/ 2:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:raspberry 2:qwerty 1:user 1:test1234 1:test1 1:taysa 1:redmine 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass12345 1:nosoup4u 1:niek1234 1:monitor 1:market123 1:manager 1:julian 1:joseph
2016/03/25/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:smcadmin 1:Private 1:marketing 1:manager 1:1234 1:11111111111
2016/03/24/ 10:password 4:ubnt 4:admin 3:user 3:test 3:support 3:raspberry 3:operator 3:manager 3:ibmdb2 3:ftpuser 3:cisco 3:changeme 3:12345 2:-t 2:SYS 2:sshd 2:PlcmSpIp 2:pass 2:osmc
2016/03/23/ 2:ubnt 2:support 1:user 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password
2016/03/22/ 6:123456 5:ubnt 4:12345 2:teamspeak 2:password 2:bitnami 1:zabbix1 1:webftp 1:web 1:view 1:vicky1234 1:verwalter 1:uucp 1:user 1:url 1:ubuntuubuntu 1:ts3serv 1:test 1:support 1:super
2016/03/21/ 1:webadmin 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:tech 1:support 1:password 1:operator 1:manager 1:admin 1:123456 1:123321 1:111111
2016/03/20/ 4:ubnt 1:zzxxcc 1:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 1:zxin10 1:zxcvbnm123 1:zxcvbnm 1:zxcvbn 1:ZXCVB123 1:zxcvb 1:zxcvasdf 1:zxc1234 1:zxc123 1:ZuPI2sWhBDJo 1:zsexdr 1:zhanjiang 1:zhangyan 1:zhangsan 1:zaxscdvf 1:zaqxsw 1:zaq1xsw2
2016/03/19/ 3:support 2:user 2:raspberry 1:ubnt 1:test 1:osmc 1:operator 1:guest 1:ftpuser 1:ftp 1:123456
2016/03/18/ 3:support 2:user 1:ubnt 1:raspberry
2016/03/17/ 3:user 3:test 3:support 3:admin 2:udbp 2:root 2:prashant@123 2:prashant123 2:prashant 2:123456 1:zori@123 1:zori123 1:zori 1:yuvraj@123 1:yuvraj123 1:yuvraj 1:webftp@123 1:webftp123 1:webftp 1:webadmin
2016/03/16/ 2:user 2:support 2:raspberry 1:zxcasdqwe!@# 1:zxcasd 1:zxc123!@# 1:zaq1xsw2 1:wesdxc 1:wersdfxcv 1:ubnt 1:test 1:tech 1:tasklist 1:ssss 1:root@12346 1:root123456 1:root@12345 1:root@1234 1:root1234 1:root@123
2016/03/14/ 4:ubnt 3:user 3:support 2:raspberry 1:musor 1:asteriskftp
2016/03/13/ 4:123456 3:1234 2:user 2:test 2:support 2:raspberry 2:mysql 2:info 2:guest 2:git 2:ftpuser 2:fax 2:cyrus 2:cisco 2:bin 2:backup 2:apache 2:admin 2:12345 1:www
2016/03/12/ 3:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:sysadmin 2:raspberry 2:adm 1:zaq1@WSX 1:)w%WLq^3UAwn 1:vyatta 1:virtual 1:vandam2432462 1:tsuser 1:tom123 1:stephanie 1:password 1:kodi 1:kioklko0 1:hadoop123 1:guest 1:ftpuser
2016/03/11/ 1:user 1:unknown 1:ubnt 1:support 1:stefan1234 1:raspberry 1:ranjit 1:qwerty 1:P@ssw0rd 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:lx 1:kirk 1:harry 1:ethernet 1:eth 1:clasic 1:anon 1:anne 1:abc123
2016/03/10/ 10:  4:123456 2:support 1:zaq1xsw2 1:User 1:user 1:ubnt 1:ts3server 1:test 1:teamspeak 1:rootroot 1:root 1:qingandbici 1:!QAZ2wsx 1:piserver 1:pass1234 1:Login 1:hadoop123 1:guest 1:f
2016/03/09/ 4:user 4:ubnt 4:support 3:raspberry 3:guest 2:uucp 2:test 1:PlcmSpIp 1:ftp 1:cisco 1:anonymous
2016/03/08/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:raspberry
2016/03/07/ 10:  2:user 2:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:nagios 2:guest 1:test123 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:adam
2016/03/06/ 4:user 4:test123 4:test 4:support 4:nagios 4:guest 3:zzzzzzzzzz 3:zzzzzz 3:zzz 3:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 3:ZXZXZX 3:zxzxz 3:zxzx 3:zxzczvzbznzm 3:zxzczvzbzn 3:zxzczvzb 3:zxzczv 3:zxmn 3:zxczxc 3:zxcxz
2016/03/05/ 35:oracle 14:guest 9:hmsftp 7:123456 6:os10+ZTE 6:nagios 6:mas 6:google 5:portal 5:patrol 5:password 5:info 5:huawei 5:hadoop 4:user 4:ottum 4:mysql 4:hmspasswd 4:games 4:ftpuser
2016/03/04/ 35:oracle 14:guest 9:hmsftp 8:123456 7:password 6:os10+ZTE 6:nagios 6:mas 6:google 5:portal 5:patrol 5:info 5:huawei 5:hadoop 5:1234 4:user 4:ottum 4:mysql 4:hmspasswd 4:games
2016/03/03/ 3:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:raspberry 1:webmaster 1:uucp 1:test 1:smcadmin 1:sales 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:marketing 1:manager 1:guest 1:git 1:ftp 1:demo 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp
2016/03/02/ 1:webmaster 1:ubnt 1:test 1:support 1:ftpuser 1:demo 1:asteriskftp 1:admIndian
2016/03/01/ 1:support 1:administrador
2016/02/29/ 2:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:user 1:test 1:router 1:PlcmSpIp 1:monitor 1:blank 1:asteriskftp 1:any 1:agata 1:adsl
2016/02/28/ 2:ubnt 2:prashant@123 2:prashant123 2:prashant 1:yang@123 1:yang123 1:yang 1:wangyi@123 1:wangyi123 1:wangyi 1:vnc@123 1:vnc123 1:vnc 1:vivek@123 1:vivek123 1:vivek 1:vinay@123 1:vinay123 1:vinay 1:vikas@123
2016/02/27/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 1:student 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:info 1:guest 1:backup 1:anonymous 1:admin
2016/02/26/ 3:user 2:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 2:!@#$zzidcQWER10.1 2:zxqqy 2:zxcvbnm 2:www.linkidc.com 2:www.baidu.com 2:wuzhuang_79@163.com 2:winner 2:whiting 2:Welcome123 2:%username% 2:ubuntu 2:ubnt 2:toor 2:tomato 2:test123 2:test!@# 2:test 2:support
2016/02/25/ 1:sshd
2016/02/24/ 1:robert 1:recruit 1:public
2016/02/23/ 1:raspberry 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pi 1:operator 1:nicholas 1:mfs 1:luis 1:lsfadmin
2016/02/22/ 1:ubnt 1:jordan 1:jboss 1:jayden 1:jaxon 1:jackson 1:jack 1:jace 1:isaiah 1:isaac 1:ios 1:info 1:hudson 1:henry 1:help
2016/02/21/ 1:temppwd 1:guest 1:git 1:ftp 1:easton 1:dspace 1:demo 1:dbuser 1:david 1:daniel 1:cubie 1:colton 1:ckl
2016/02/20/ 1:cisco 1:austin 1:anthony 1:anonymous 1:aiden
2016/02/19/ 35:oracle 14:guest 9:hmsftp 7:123456 6:os10+ZTE 6:nagios 6:mas 6:google 5:portal 5:patrol 5:password 5:info 5:hadoop 4:ottum 4:mysql 4:huawei 4:hmspasswd 4:games 4:ftpuser 4:ftpman
2016/02/18/ 7:apache 3:ubnt 3:raspberry 3:amsys 2:user 2:support 2:osmc 2:ibiza0231 2:guest 2:backup 2:babadelacolt 2:alex 2:adm 2:12345 1:worlddomination 1:weiwei12.. 1:vtpicacti 1:vtpibssbill 1:vtpibss 1:vtpiacs
2016/02/17/ 5:test 4:user 4:ubnt 4:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:123456 2:user1 2:ubuntu 2:system 2:raspberry 2:operator 2:guest 2:ftp 1:yuvraj@123 1:yuvraj 1:window 1:webmail 1:webadmin 1:weaver 1:wangyi@123
2016/02/16/ 8:ubnt 8:raspberry 7:password 7:12345 6:user 6:PlcmSpIp 6:pass 6:guest 4:test 4:support 4:operator 4:ftpuser 4:ftp 4:asteriskftp 4:admin 4:1234 3:ubuntu 3:tour 3:test123 3:public
2016/02/15/ 3:user 3:ubnt 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:asteriskftp 2:pass 2:123456 2:1234 1:test123 1:test 1:raspberry 1:public 1:nagios 1:guest 1:cisco 1:adam
2016/02/13/ 8:admin 6:ubnt 5:123456 3:root 3:12345 2:user 2:test 2:support 2:password 1:www 1:webmaster 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:url 1:upnt 1:tracy 1:testuser 1:test123 1:spam 1:sara
2016/02/12/ 1:ubnt
2016/02/11/ 1:ZXDSL 1:user 1:telekom 1:realtek 1:pnadmin 1:NM1$88 1:kyivstar 1:Is$uper@dmin 1:Cisco 1:cisco 1:admintelecom 1:admin 1:5up
2016/02/10/ 1:ubnt 1:support
2016/02/09/ 3:ubnt 1:vbox 1:user 1:tyler 1:test123 1:test 1:sysadmin 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:nathan 1:nagios 1:live 1:guest 1:ftpsupport 1:asteriskftp 1:adam 1:1
2016/02/08/ 2:ubnt
2016/02/07/ 35:oracle 15:guest 9:hmsftp 7:123456 6:password 6:os10+ZTE 6:nagios 6:mas 6:google 5:ubnt 5:portal 5:patrol 5:info 5:huawei 5:hadoop 5:1234 4:user 4:ottum 4:mysql 4:hmspasswd
2016/02/06/ 2:ubnt 2:support 1:user 1:test 1:raspberry 1:ftpuser 1:adm
2016/02/05/ 3:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:test 1:osmc 1:operator
2016/02/04/ 4:ubnt 1:user 1:support
2016/02/03/ 4:raspberry 3:ubnt 3:ftpuser 2:user 2:ubuntu 2:tour 2:test123 2:test 2:support 2:public 2:postfix 2:PlcmSpIp 2:pass 2:operator 2:nagios 2:manager 2:guest 2:ftp 2:asteriskftp 2:admin1
2016/02/02/ 1:ubnt 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:monitor 1:manager 1:luke 1:logan 1:live 1:liam 1:levi 1:kodi 1:kevin 1:josiah 1:guest 1:ftpuser 1:backup 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous 1:admin
2016/02/01/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:joseph 1:jonathan 1:john 1:jboss 1:jaxon 1:jason 1:jacob 1:ian 1:hudson 1:henry 1:help 1:grayson 1:ftpuser 1:frontrow 1:evan 1:ethan 1:elijah 1:dominic
2016/01/31/ 4:user 4:ubnt 4:support 4:raspberry 3:test 3:guest 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:operator 2:ftpuser 2:asteriskftp 2:123456 1:test123 1:temppwd 1:osmc 1:nagios 1:monitor 1:ftp 1:domain 1:D-Link
2016/01/30/ 1:PASSWORD 1:awt 1:asher 1:anthony 1:anonymous 1:anon 1:agsadmin 1:aaron 1:a 1:123
2016/01/29/ 2:user 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:xavier 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:verwalter 1:uucp 1:ubnt 1:tyler 1:tst 1:ts 1:test 1:telnet 1:teamspeak3 1:support 1:root 1:raspberry
2016/01/28/ 1:svn 1:support 1:sshd 1:sebastian 1:samuel 1:ryder 1:robert 1:recruit 1:radio 1:public 1:project 1:proftpd 1:prasad 1:postgres 1:piCore 1:nosoup4u
2016/01/27/ 36:oracle 14:guest 10:123456 9:hmsftp 7:nagios 6:os10+ZTE 6:mas 6:hadoop 6:google 5:portal 5:patrol 5:password 5:mysql 5:info 5:huawei 4:qwe123 4:ottum 4:hmspasswd 4:games 4:ftpuser
2016/01/26/ 6:123456 3:log 3:dss 3:1 2:user 2:ubnt 2:raspberry 2:qwe123 2:password 2:git 2:ftp 2:cmsftp 2:apache 2:123qwe 2:12345 1:zachary 1:xiao 1:xavier 1:www-data 1:www123
2016/01/25/ 3:a 2:ubnt 1:vbox 1:user 1:tyler 1:tomcat 1:testuser 1:test 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:suser 1:support 1:squid 1:sebastian 1:raspberry 1:dominic 1:domain 1:dms 1:D-Link 1:dev
2016/01/24/ 2:aaron 2:a 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:raspberry 1:p@ssw0rd 1:PlcmSpIp 1:PASSWORD 1:parker 1:osmc 1:bentley 1:benjamin 1:backup 1:ayden 1:awt 1:austin 1:asher 1:applmgr 1:app
2016/01/23/ 4:ubnt 4:support 3:user 3:raspberry 1:operator 1:odoo 1:noah 1:NM1$88 1:nathaniel 1:live 1:liam 1:jacob 1:a
2016/01/22/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:WESTwest 1:vagrant 1:testuser 1:supervisor 1:nuucp 1:news 1:monitor 1:live 1:joshua 1:jonathan 1:isaac 1:hunter 1:hudson 1:henry 1:help 1:hadoop
2016/01/21/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:gabriel 1:elijah 1:domain 1:D-Link 1:daniel 1:colton 1:bitrix 1:bitnami
2016/01/20/ 3:123456 1:xyz@123 1:xyz123 1:xyz 1:www@123 1:webuser 1:weblogic 1:webadmin 1:web@123 1:ts3 1:trade 1:test@123 1:teamspeak 1:support 1:rts 1:recruit@123 1:recruit123 1:recruit 1:raspberry 1:postgres
2016/01/19/ 2:ubnt 2:administrador 2:activemq 2:a 1:p@ssw0rd 1:alexander 1:agsadmin 1:administrateur 1:ADMIN 1:adam 1:account 1:aaron
2016/01/18/ 70:oracle 28:guest 18:hmsftp 15:123456 12:os10+ZTE 12:nagios 12:mas 12:google 11:password 10:portal 10:patrol 10:info 10:huawei 10:hadoop 8:ottum 8:mysql 8:hmspasswd 8:games 8:ftpuser 8:ftpman
2016/01/16/ 1:1234
2016/01/15/ 1:vyos 1:support 1:raspberry
2016/01/14/ 7:password 7:1234 6:ubnt 6:123456 5:vyatta 4:vagrant 4:user 4:telnet 4:sysadmin 4:support 4:sshd 4:raspberry 4:live 3:testuser 3:test 3:qwerty 3:nagiosuser 3:kodi 3:admin 2:xbmc
2016/01/13/ 3:support 2:vyatta 2:vagrant 2:ubnt 2:telnet 2:sshd 2:live 1:vyos 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:raspberry 1:q1w2e3 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password2015 1:PASSWORD 1:password 1:osmc 1:mysecret 1:mypassword
2016/01/12/ 2:live 2:kodi 1:vyos 1:vyatta 1:vagrant 1:ubnt
2016/01/11/ 4:ubnt 4:support 3:sshd 2:vyos 2:vyatta 2:telnet 1:user 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:live 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2016/01/10/ 3:support 2:ubnt 1:vyos 1:sshd 1:rasplex 1:raspberry
2016/01/09/ 3:te@mspeak 3:teamspeak123 3:teamspeak 3:team123 3:team 2:tsts321 2:tsts123 2:tsts 2:tsteamspeak321 2:tsteamspeak 2:ts321 2:ts3 2:ts123 2:ts 2:te@mspe@k 2:te@msp3ak 2:teamspeakts123 2:teamspeakts 2:teamspeak321 2:teamspeak3
2016/01/08/ 2:test 2:te@mspe@k 2:t3@msp4@k 2:qwe123qwe 2:qwe123 2:qwe 2:password 2:letmein 2:123qwe123 2:123456 1:user 1:ubnt123 1:ubnt 1:tststs123 1:tststs 1:tsts321 1:tsts123 1:tsts 1:tsteamspeak321 1:tsteamspeak
2016/01/07/ 36:oracle 14:guest 9:hmsftp 8:nagios 8:123456 6:os10+ZTE 6:mas 6:google 5:portal 5:patrol 5:password 5:info 5:huawei 5:hadoop 5:ftpuser 5:1234 4:user 4:test 4:support 4:ottum
2016/01/06/ 5:ubnt 2:test 2:developer123 2:123 2:1 1:worlddomination 1:user1 1:user 1:support 1:smekerie123 1:scanner 1:scan 1:remote 1:raspberry 1:p@ssw0rd 1:PlcmSpIp 1:play 1:pervuhina 1:operator 1:mobilenetgames
2016/01/05/ 2:ubnt 1:raspberry 1:password 1:mypasswd 1:cmsftp 1:Cisco 1:cisco 1:cert 1:centos 1:backup 1:123456
2016/01/04/ 3:password 2:user 2:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:apache 2:admin 2:12345 2:1234 1:zzidc!@#qwe 1:zaq12wsxcde3 1:zabbix 1:yangxin6655 1:woaini3344 1:webmaster 1:vagrant 1:unicom1234 1:un07Nc6A/R9yq2qaQZs=  3
2016/01/03/ 2:ubnt 1:secret 1:qwerty 1:password 1:master 1:fake 1:abc123 1:1qaz2wsx 1:1q2w3e4r 1:1q2w3e 1:123qwe 1:123abc 1:1234567890 1:123456789 1:12345678 1:1234567 1:123456 1:12345 1:1234 1:111111
2016/01/02/ 6:ubnt 6:support 4:user 4:test 4:guest 3:raspberry 2:test123 2:PlcmSpIp 2:nagios 2:asteriskftp 2:adam 1:webmaster 1:uucp 1:osmc 1:operator 1:ftp 1:demo 1:admin1 1:admin 1:123456
2016/01/01/ 1:user 1:ubnt123 1:ubnt 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:guest
2015/12/31/ 1:webmaster 1:uucp 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp 1:nagios 1:guest 1:ftpuser 1:ftp 1:demo
2015/12/30/ 3:ubnt 2:test 2:raspberry 1:user 1:test123 1:support 1:root 1:PlcmSpIp 1:  1:nagios 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:adam
2015/12/29/ 3:ubnt 2:support 1:visitor 1:vbox 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:user 1:uploader 1:tst 1:ts3srv 1:ts3 1:ts 1:toto 1:tomcat 1:tom 1:tmp 1:testuser 1:test 1:telnet 1:tecmint
2015/12/28/ 18:password 13:1234 12:1234567 12:123456 12:12345 11:123456789 11:12345678 5:PlcmSpIp 3:ubnt 3:support 3:raspberry 3:guest 3:asteriskftp 2:user 2:test 2:o12nu27password 2:nagios 2:jianguo0.1.add 2:jianguo0.1 2:git
2015/12/27/ 2:ubnt 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:live 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:vbox 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:user 1:uploader
2015/12/26/ 3:ubnt 2:PlcmSpIp 1:www 1:user 1:test123 1:test 1:support 1:root 1:raspberry 1:password 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:admin
2015/12/25/ 2:support 1:ubnt 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp
2015/12/24/ 3:ubnt 1:test 1:root 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:guest 1:default 1:changeme 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/12/23/ 2:ubnt 1:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 1:zxcvbnm 1:zte2012 1:zsidc2015!@# 1:zdsoft 1:zaq1@WSX 1:www159389 1:user 1:test 1:system 1:support 1:stonecold1978 1:slave 1:rootpwd 1:richard 1:RASCOM 1:Qwer@123456 1:!@#qweasdzxc 1:!QAZ@wsx
2015/12/22/ 2:ubnt
2015/12/21/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:guest 1:asteriskftp
2015/12/20/ 4:ubnt 4:support 2:user 2:test 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:manager 2:guest 2:ftpuser 2:ftp 2:asteriskftp 1:zabbix 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:test123 1:svn 1:student 1:sales 1:roberto 1:public
2015/12/19/ 4:ubnt 2:user 2:secret 2:root 2:qwerty 2:password 2:master 2:highspeed 2:fake 2:admin 2:abc123 2:a123654 2:1qaz2wsx 2:1q2w3e4r 2:1q2w3e 2:1234567890 2:123456789 2:12345678 2:1234567 2:123456
2015/12/18/ 3:support 2:123 2:1 1:user1 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:scanner 1:scan 1:remote 1:PlcmSpIp 1:play 1:operator 1:info 1:guest 1:ftp 1:administrator 1:12345
2015/12/16/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:guest 1:asteriskftp
2015/12/15/ 6:ubnt 2:test 2:raspberry 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:vbox 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:user 1:uploader 1:ubuntu 1:ubnt123
2015/12/14/ 2:backup 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:squid 1:server 1:recruit 1:rasplex 1:raspberry 1:public 1:project 1:proftpd 1:prasad 1:postgres 1:PASSWORD 1:password 1:owen 1:osmc 1:operator 1:operador 1:openerp
2015/12/13/ 4:ubnt 3:test 3:raspberry 3:PlcmSpIp 2:user 2:support 2:root 2:password 2:oracle 2:operator 2:nagios 2:live 2:guest 2:123456 1:zxcvbnm 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:writer 1:windows
2015/12/12/ 4:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 1:zabbix 1:vagrant 1:user 1:student 1:roberto 1:raspberry 1:monitor 1:manager 1:guest 1:ftpuser 1:budget 1:bot 1:awt 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous 1:adm
2015/12/11/ 4:password 3:ubnt 3:12345 2:user 2:test 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:guest 2:ftp 2:admin 2:1234 1:webmaster 1:testing 1:osmc 1:live 1:demo 1:asteriskftp 1:adm
2015/12/10/ 8:admin 7:raspberry 5:user 5:test 5:support 5:root 5:123456 4:uucp 4:ubnt 4:password 4:live 4:guest 4:asteriskftp 3:xbmc 3:vyatta 3:tst 3:ts3srv 3:testuser 3:teamspeak 3:postgres
2015/12/09/ 1:ubnt 1:svn 1:PlcmSpIp 1:nagiosuser 1:demo 1:activemq
2015/12/08/ 6:ubnt 3:support 1:user 1:StateARGENTINAr 1:PlcmSpIp 1:info 1:asteriskftp
2015/12/07/ 3:ubnt 2:support 1:raspberry 1:pos 1:PlcmSpIp 1:asteriskftp 1:12345 1:1234
2015/12/06/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:D-Link 1:christian 1:bobolito123
2015/12/05/ 3:support 2:user 2:ubnt 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:live 2:guest 2:asteriskftp 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:vagrant 1:uucp
2015/12/04/ 4:ubnt 2:user 1:support 1:sshd 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:nagios 1:mysql 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:admin 1:adam
2015/12/03/ 3:ubnt 3:password 1:support 1:123456 1:12345
2015/12/02/ 3:ubnt 2:user 2:testuser 2:test 2:raspberry 2:password 2:ftpuser 2:admin 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:vbox 1:vagrant
2015/12/01/ 4:raspberry 4:password 3:osmc 3:oracle 3:live 3:hdfs 3:ftp 3:dspace 3:ckl 3:cisco 3:business 2:webmaster 2:weblogic 2:webftp 2:vmware 2:user 2:ubuntu 2:ubnt 2:ts 2:tomcat
2015/11/30/ 4:ubnt 1:root 1:PlcmSpIp 1:PASSWORD 1:guest 1:billing 1:backup 1:awt 1:applmgr 1:app 1:apache 1:anonymous 1:anon 1:amssys 1:agsadmin 1:admin 1:adm 1:account 1:aaron 1:a
2015/11/29/ 1:support
2015/11/28/ 5:ubnt 5:raspberry 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:password 3:operator 3:live 2:test 2:lollol 2:guest 2:demo 2:12345 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware
2015/11/27/ 4:raspberry 3:ubnt 3:live 2:xiao 2:xbmc 2:webmaster 2:weblogic 2:webftp 2:vmware 2:vivek 2:visitor 2:vagrant 2:user 2:uploader 2:ubuntu 2:tst 2:ts3srv 2:ts3 2:toto 2:tomcat
2015/11/26/ 4:ubnt 3:PlcmSpIp 2:git 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:PASSWORD 1:NM1$88 1:nagios 1:mysql 1:mfs 1:lsfadmin 1:live 1:kodi 1:hdfs 1:guest 1:ftpuser 1:ftp 1:dspace 1:dms 1:design
2015/11/25/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:raspberry 2:live 1:xiao 1:xbmc 1:www-data 1:webmaster 1:weblogic 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vivek 1:visitor 1:vbox 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:uploader 1:ubuntu 1:tst
2015/11/23/ 2:ubnt 2:support 1:webftp 1:vyatta 1:vmware 1:vbox 1:user 1:uploader 1:tst 1:ts3 1:toto 1:test 1:temppwd 1:teamspeak 1:svn 1:suser 1:squid 1:server 1:root 1:password
2015/11/22/ 6:ubnt 1:root 1:retset 1:administrator 1:admin 1:123456
2015/11/21/ 4:ubnt 4:admin 3:user 3:support 3:root 3:raspberry 2:webmaster 2:vyatta 2:uucp 2:testuser 2:test 2:postgres 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:oracle 2:operator 2:nagios 2:mysql 2:live 2:guest
2015/11/20/ 3:ubnt 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:PASSWORD 1:applmgr 1:app 1:apache 1:anonymous 1:anon 1:amssys 1:agsadmin 1:adm 1:activemq 1:a
2015/11/19/ 2:ubnt 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp
2015/11/18/ 20:123456 5:hadoop 5:git 5:db2inst1 5:cmsftp 5:app 4:live 4:liu 4:fms 4:db2fenc1 4:cyrus 4:cacti 4:altibase 3:xiao 3:webftp 3:vivek 3:tst 3:ts3 3:ts 3:tomcat
2015/11/17/ 7:ubnt 2:support 1:test 1:password 1:operator 1:monitor 1:ftpuser 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous
2015/11/16/ 1:ubnt
2015/11/15/ 3:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:test 2:PlcmSpIp 2:guest 2:123 2:1 1:user1 1:test123 1:scanner 1:scan 1:remote 1:raspberry 1:play 1:operator 1:nagios 1:info 1:ftp 1:asteriskftp
2015/11/14/ 3:ubnt 3:PlcmSpIp 2:sor123in 2:o12nu27password 2:mada 2:image 2:bobolito123 2:appldev 2:app321 2:app123 2:anup123 2:anton123 2:anton 2:ans123 2:ans 2:anil123 2:anil 2:angellinetong 2:andy123 2:andy
2015/11/13/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:student 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:monitor 1:ftpuser 1:asteriskftp
2015/11/12/ 2:ubnt 1:189281ThisIsResearcherEmailNweaverAtIcsiBerkeleyEduForInfo
2015/11/11/ 3:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:123456 2:1234 1:test 1:raspberry 1:public 1:pass 1:operator 1:monitor 1:manager 1:guest 1:cisco 1:backup 1:asteriskftp 1:admin 1:12345
2015/11/10/ 1:ubnt 1:osmc 1:db2inst1 1:applmgr
2015/11/09/ 2:nsroot 1:unknown 1:ubnt 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:p@ssw0rd 1:password 1:nosoup4u 1:netdiag 1:netapp 1:mininet 1:domain 1:cubie 1:Cisco
2015/11/08/ 3:ubnt
2015/11/07/ 5:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:nsroot 2:asteriskftp 1:vagrant 1:unknown 1:temppwd 1:tcuser 1:sysadmin 1:raspberry 1:public 1:p@ssw0rd 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:osmc 1:operator 1:nuucp 1:NM1$88 1:netdiag
2015/11/06/ 3:NM1$88 2:piCore 2:nosoup4u 1:ubnt 1:password
2015/11/05/ 3:ubnt 2:user 2:public 2:cisco 1:vmware 1:verwalter 1:ts3srv 1:ts 1:to 1:telnet 1:tecmint 1:teamspeak 1:support 1:student 1:squid 1:recruit 1:rasplex 1:raspberry 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp
2015/11/04/ 8:123456 3:support 3:public 2:user 2:ubnt 2:PlcmSpIp 2:pass 2:asteriskftp 2:app 2:1234 1:zori@123 1:zori123 1:zori 1:zenoss 1:zaky 1:zahid 1:yuk 1:ysl 1:yps 1:ymg
2015/11/03/ 2:raspberry 2:postgres 2:openerp 2:123456 1:vmware 1:verwalter 1:user 1:ubnt 1:ts3srv 1:ts 1:to 1:telnet 1:tecmint 1:teamspeak 1:student 1:squid 1:recruit 1:qwert 1:public 1:postgres@123
2015/11/02/ 6:ubnt 1:test 1:rasplex 1:PlcmSpIp 1:osmc 1:htpguides 1:frontrow 1:D-Link
2015/11/01/ 7:ubnt 3:test 3:support 2:user 2:raspberry 1:vagrant 1:testuser 1:test123 1:sybase 1:svn 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:oracle 1:operator 1:nagios 1:kodi 1:karaf 1:hdfs 1:guest 1:git
2015/10/31/ 7:ubnt 3:support 3:kodi 3:karaf 2:vagrant 2:test 2:raspberry 2:hdfs 2:guest 2:git 2:dev 2:asteriskftp 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:testuser 1:sybase 1:svn 1:PlcmSpIp 1:PASSWORD 1:oracle
2015/10/30/ 11:ubnt 4:Admin@123 3:vagrant 3:PlcmSpIp 3:oracle 3:kodi 3:guest 3:ftp 3:dev 2:test 2:sybase 2:support 2:raspberry 2:O&m15213 2:karaf 2:huawei 2:hdfs 2:git 2:asteriskftp 2:ADMIN
2015/10/29/ 7:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:public 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:pass 1:mail 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:adam 1:aaron 1:123456 1:1234
2015/10/28/ 6:ubnt 1:user 1:tech 1:support 1:raspberry 1:library 1:ftp123 1:demo
2015/10/27/ 4:ubnt 1:password 1:ftp 1:asteriskftp
2015/10/26/ 3:ubnt 2:guest 1:vagrant 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:kodi 1:demo 1:asteriskftp 1:aaron
2015/10/25/ 4:ubnt 1:xbmc 1:vyatta 1:tiger 1:red 1:raspberry 1:PASSWORD 1:oracle 1:kodi 1:karaf 1:jordan 1:david 1:cyrus 1:cisco 1:christian 1:bob 1:bitrix 1:backup 1:applmgr 1:anon
2015/10/24/ 5:ubnt 5:support 2:user 2:test 2:red 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:jordan 2:guest 2:canada 2:asteriskftp 1:vagrant 1:tiger 1:test123 1:nagios 1:kodi 1:king 1:adam 1:aaron 1:1234567
2015/10/23/ 4:password 3:ubnt 2:administrator 2:adm 2:12345678 2:123456 1:xbmc 1:vendeg 1:vasu 1:vagrant 1:uucp 1:username123 1:ts3srv 1:ts2 1:ts 1:tomcat 1:testuser 1:test1 1:temp 1:telnet
2015/10/22/ 8:ubnt 4:password 2:adm 2:12345678 1:vivek 1:vidya123 1:vendeg 1:uucp 1:username123 1:ts3srv 1:ts2 1:ts 1:tmp 1:test1 1:telnet 1:teamspeak 1:sysadmin123 1:sysadmin 1:sysadm 1:sys
2015/10/21/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:server 1:qwerty 1:PlcmSpIp
2015/10/20/ 17:test 16:ubnt 16:password 15:qwerty 15:12345 14:user 14:admin 14:123456 13:admin123 13:1234 13:123 13:1 11:test123 11:root 11:P@ssw0rd 11:administrator 11:abc123 11:1234567 10:ubuntu 10:testuser
2015/10/19/ 8:test 7:user 7:ubnt 6:password 6:admin 6:12345 6:1234 5:ubnntu 5:testuser 5:test123 5:rootroot 5:root 5:redhat 5:qwerty 5:passwd 5:master 5:linux 5:apache 5:administrator 5:admin12345
2015/10/18/ 6:ubnt 3:user 3:test 3:PlcmSpIp 3:guest 3:asteriskftp 2:vagrant 2:kodi 2:aaron 1:support 1:root 1:raspberry
2015/10/17/ 7:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:raspberry 2:kodi 2:aaron 1:vagrant 1:test 1:root 1:PlcmSpIp 1:guest 1:asteriskftp
2015/10/16/ 7:ubnt 5:vagrant 5:kodi 4:support 4:raspberry 4:PlcmSpIp 4:guest 4:aaron 3:user 3:test 3:asteriskftp
2015/10/15/ 3:zxcvbnm 3:wocaonima 3:ubnt 3:toor123 3:tomcat123 3:rootroot 3:root$123 3:root@123 3:root123 3:root 3:qwertyuiop 3:qweasdzxc 3:qweasd 3:qazwsxedc 3:qazwsx 3:password@123 3:password 3:caonima 3:asdfghjkl 3:Administrator
2015/10/14/ 4:ubnt
2015/10/13/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/10/12/ 5:ubnt 4:password 3:test 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:123456 2:user 2:raspberry 2:operator 2:monitor 2:guest 2:backup 2:asteriskftp 2:admin 2:12345 1:ubuntu 1:redhat 1:Password123 1:osmc 1:manager
2015/10/11/ 3:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 2:password 1:user 1:test 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:monitor 1:manager 1:guest 1:backup 1:asteriskftp 1:admin 1:123456 1:12345 1:1234
2015/10/10/ 3:ubnt 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:asteriskftp
2015/10/09/ 2:admin 1:www 1:webmaster 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test123 1:test 1:support 1:root 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp123 1:PlcmSpIp 1:guest 1:ftp 1:D-Link 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous
2015/10/07/ 3:ubnt 1:user 1:sysadmin 1:support 1:sunipon 1:summer 1:suhua@921203 1:sugano 1:students 1:student 1:stidc 1:steven 1:steve 1:stesing 1:stephen 1:status 1:starhub123 1:star 1:staff 1:sssss
2015/10/06/ 6:ubnt 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 2:Passw0rd 2:guest 1:!@#$zzidcQWER10.3 1:!@#$zzidcQWER10.1 1:Zz123456 1:ZXZXZX 1:ZXiptv 1:ZXCVBNM, 1:ZXCVB 1:!z@x#c 1:Zmeu 1:Zjidcuser!@#123 1:ZAQ!xsw2 1:Z!A!Q! 1:YCm-w0-U 1:Www.123.com 1:WOCAONIma
2015/10/05/ 3:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/10/04/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:guest 1:ftp 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/10/03/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:guest 1:anonymous
2015/10/02/ 4:ubnt 3:support 3:asteriskftp 2:user 2:admin 2:1234 1:testtest 1:test1 1:test 1:raspberry 1:radmin 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:operator 1:nobody 1:nagios 1:monitor 1:guest 1:ftp
2015/10/01/ 2:ubnt
2015/09/30/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/09/29/ 1:password 1:operator
2015/09/28/ 3:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:password 1:operator
2015/09/27/ 5:ubnt 4:ssh 4:redhat 4:qwerty123 4:pass1234 4:none 4:centos 4:abc123 4:222222 4:12345678 4:12345 4:111111 3:root 3:qwerty 3:q1w2e3r4 3:password 3:default 3:123456 2:user123 2:testuser123
2015/09/26/ 4:ubnt
2015/09/25/ 1:ubnt
2015/09/24/ 1:ubnt
2015/09/23/ 4:ubnt
2015/09/22/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:guest 1:ftp 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/09/21/ 3:ubnt
2015/09/20/ 6:ubnt
2015/09/19/ 2:ubnt
2015/09/18/ 3:ubnt
2015/09/17/ 2:ubnt 1:admin
2015/09/16/ 2:ubnt 2:support 1:user 1:test 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:guest 1:anonymous
2015/09/15/ 3:ubnt 1:support 1:raspberry 1:operator 1:cmaker 1:Cisco 1:admin
2015/09/14/ 3:ubnt 2:PlcmSpIp 1:user 1:switch 1:support 1:public 1:pass 1:mtch 1:guest 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/09/13/ 4:ubnt 2:user 2:test 2:raspberry 2:password 1:sysnet 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:guest 1:ftp 1:client 1:anonymous 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/09/12/ 6:ubnt 1:  1:admin
2015/09/11/ 12:ubnt 11:root1234 11:root123 11:root 11:admin888 11:admin@123 11:admin123 11:admin 11:abcd1234 11:1qaz2wsx 11:1q2w3e4r 11:12345678 11:123456 10:user 10:ubuntu 10:test123 10:test 10:taiobc2789*() 10:system 10:server
2015/09/10/ 8:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:ftpuser 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/09/09/ 2:ubnt 2:123456 1:www 1:uspro 1:Unknown 1:oracle 1:none 1:nagios 1:musique 1:monitor 1:marketing 1:linux 1:info 1:ftp 1:D-Link 1:demo 1:chris123 1:apache 1:agent 1:admin
2015/09/08/ 4:password 3:ubnt 3:admin 3:1234 1:xxyyzz 1:XLSERVER 1:wrgg15_di524 1:WORD 1:wlsedb 1:VESOFT 1:TJM 1:tiger123 1:TELESUP 1:SYS 1:switch 1:surt 1:supervisor 1:super 1:SECURITY 1:secret
2015/09/07/ 16:ubnt 15:1234 14:password 13:admin 13:123456 12:user 12:test 11:test123 11:mysql 11:123456789 11:12345 10:ubuntu 10:taiobc2789*() 10:system 10:server 10:rootadmin 10:root1234 10:root123 10:root 10:r2d2c3p0
2015/09/06/ 9:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 1:test 1:raspberry 1:public 1:password 1:pass 1:operator 1:  1:guest 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous 1:admin 1:123456 1:1234
2015/09/05/ 3:ubnt 1:  1:admin
2015/09/04/ 5:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:raspberry 2:PlcmSpIp 2:operator 2:guest 1:test 1:password 1:asteriskftp 1:anonymous
2015/09/03/ 5:ubnt 2:admin 1:xxyyzz 1:XHywvdDr 1:WjuGwhzBbbjiGYegoJz 1:ucenttech2 1:singh 1:secoff 1:perfectpraise 1:OVyKDDflM 1:No 1:mGaqsxNUFvyXbLIdOr 1:mediator 1:master 1:lucenttech2 1:lucenttech1 1:kilo1987 1:IRAktsiSRJJNDsej 1:friend 1:FNoOkEuTfjmF
2015/09/02/ 9:ubnt 2:monitor 1:test 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:guest 1:ftp 1:cisco 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/09/01/ 3:ubnt
2015/08/31/ 5:ubnt
2015/08/30/ 7:ubnt 7:password 7:admin 3:raspberry 3:operator 3:123456 3:12345 3:1234 2:user 2:test123 2:test 2:support 2:root 2:PlcmSpIp 2:guest 2:anonymous 1:xbmc 1:www 1:webmaster 1:webadmin
2015/08/29/ 2:ubnt
2015/08/28/ 2:ubnt
2015/08/27/ 14:password 5:ubnt 4:OCS 3:support 3:changeme 2:User 2:blank 1:ZXDSL 1:xd 1:xbox 1:witpack 1:w0rkplac3rul3s 1:VTech 1:uplink 1:UI-PSWD-02 1:UI-PSWD-01 1:trancell 1:tiaranet 1:tellabs#1 1:telekom
2015/08/26/ 8:password 8:1234 6:ubnt 6:admin 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 3:TELESUP 3:support 3:raspberry 3:guest 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 3:123456 2:user 2:test 2:supportpw 2:SUPPORT 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:sales
2015/08/25/ 9:ubnt 4:support 4:1234 3:user 3:PlcmSpIp 2:public 2:password 2:pass 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 2:Asante 2:123456 1:xxyyzz 1:volition 1:user123 1:tlah 1:TJM 1:test 1:switch 1:student
2015/08/24/ 11:ubnt 6:1234 4:123456 3:user 3:raspberry 3:public 3:pass 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 2:admin 1:z 1:www 1:webmaster 1:webadmin 1:web 1:vyatta 1:User
2015/08/23/ 5:ubnt 2:user 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:asteriskftp 2:123456 2:1234 1:test 1:raspberry 1:public 1:pass 1:operator 1:monitor 1:manager 1:guest 1:backup 1:admin 1:12345
2015/08/22/ 10:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:raspberry 1:password 1:ftp 1:admin 1:12345
2015/08/21/ 8:ubnt 2:support 1:user 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/08/20/ 7:ubnt 2:public 1:user 1:support 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password1 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234 1:123&123
2015/08/19/ 7:ubnt 4:123456 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:password 2:user 2:test 2:qwerty 2:operator 2:guest 2:asteriskftp 2:12345 2:1234 2:123 2:1 1:user1 1:test1 1:sys 1:srudent 1:redhat
2015/08/18/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/08/17/ 4:ubnt 3:123456 3:1234 2:user 2:support 1:vyatta 1:user01 1:ts 1:tomcat123 1:tomcat 1:testtest 1:test 1:teamspeak 1:raspberry 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:monitor 1:guest 1:gitgit
2015/08/16/ 5:ubnt 3:support 2:user 2:test 2:raspberry 2:123456 1:vnc123 1:vnc 1:usertest 1:test123 1:QwErTy 1:qwer123 1:qwer 1:qwe123 1:prueba 1:postgres123 1:pos 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:oracle
2015/08/15/ 17:123456 8:ubnt 4:111111 3:qwe123 3:1q2w3e4r 3:123qwe 1:www-data 1:www 1:user3 1:user2 1:user1 1:user03 1:user02 1:user01 1:user 1:ubuntu 1:test123 1:test 1:sybase 1:suporte
2015/08/14/ 141:root 33:123456 26:password 13:changeme 6:wjm 6:uhak 6:123456789 6:12345 5:zabbix 5:yuri 5:xinyi 5:wensong 5:test 5:1234 4:zazu 4:yasuhiro 4:yakuza 4:yako 4:xinwang 4:wenhao
2015/08/13/ 7:password 6:1234 5:ubnt 5:admin 4:123456 3:SYS 2:tivonpw 2:raspberry 2:public 2:primus 2:pass 2:craftpw 2:craft 2:COGNOS 2:changeme 2:Asante 1:z 1:xxyyzz 1:XLSERVER 1:www
2015/08/12/ 6:123456 4:ubnt 3:user 3:public 3:1234 2:user1 2:test 2:support 2:PlcmSpIp 2:pass 2:oracle 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 1:zabbix 1:www-data 1:uucp 1:user3 1:user2 1:user02 1:user01
2015/08/11/ 6:123456 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:nagios 1:www-data 1:www 1:user123 1:ubuntu 1:ts 1:testtest 1:testing 1:test1 1:test 1:teamspeak 1:supervisor 1:share 1:redhat123 1:redhat 1:raspberrypi
2015/08/10/ 5:ubnt 3:123456 2:test 1:user 1:tester 1:support 1:student1 1:srudent 1:raspberry 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:oracle123 1:oracle!@# 1:nagios123456 1:nagios123 1:nagios 1:media 1:info 1:guest
2015/08/09/ 5:ubnt
2015/08/08/ 12:password 6:ubnt 4:OCS 3:changeme 2:router 2:blank 2:admin 1:ZXDSL 1:xd 1:xbox 1:x-admin 1:witpack 1:winterm 1:w0rkplac3rul3s 1:User 1:uplink 1:UI-PSWD-02 1:UI-PSWD-01 1:trancell 1:tiaranet
2015/08/07/ 8:password 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 5:1234 4:ubnt 4:admin 3:TELESUP 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 2:SUPPORT 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:raspberry 2:public 2:ITF3000 2:HPONLY 2:Asante 2:123456 2:12345 1:z
2015/08/06/ 7:password 4:OCS 3:changeme 2:User 2:user 2:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:public 2:123456 1:w0rkplac3rul3s 1:uplink 1:trancell 1:test123 1:test1 1:telekom 1:tech 1:teamspeak3 1:teamspeak 1:talent
2015/08/05/ 10:password 7:admin 7:1234 5:ubnt 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 5:123456 4:public 3:TELESUP 3:pass 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 2:user 2:tivonpw 2:test123 2:test 2:SUPPORT 2:support 2:SECURITY 2:secret
2015/08/04/ 10:ubnt 9:god 8:password 8:admin 7:user 6:123456 6:12345 6:1234 5:pass 4:default 3:test 3:support 3:root 3:PlcmSpIp 2:webadmin 2:temp 2:server 2:retset 2:public 2:p@ssw0rd
2015/08/03/ 11:ubnt 9:god 8:password 7:admin 6:12345 5:user 4:default 4:1234 3:test 3:root 3:pass 3:123456 2:webadmin 2:testuser 2:testtest 2:tester 2:test123 2:temp 2:server 2:retset
2015/08/02/ 10:ubnt 1:testtest 1:tests 1:tester 1:test123 1:QwErTy 1:qwerty 1:qwer123 1:qwer 1:prueba 1:postgres123 1:postgres 1:password1 1:pass123 1:pas1sword 1:oracle123 1:oracle!@# 1:oracle 1:1qaz2wsx 1:123456
2015/08/01/ 13:password 3:test 3:OCS 3:changeme 3:admin 2:User 2:test123 2:test1 2:public 2:oracle 2:blank 2:123456 1:ZXDSL 1:zxcvbnm 1:zxc123 1:zxc 1:zhou1234 1:zhangbin 1:XK(025)uma 1:xirang@123
2015/07/31/ 9:password 6:admin 6:1234 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 3:test123 3:test 3:TELESUP 3:raspberry 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 3:123456 2:user 2:ubnt 2:SUPPORT 2:support 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:public 2:ITF3000
2015/07/30/ 6:password 4:ubnt 4:OCS 3:changeme 2:User 2:router 1:xbox 1:w0rkplac3rul3s 1:uplink 1:UI-PSWD-02 1:UI-PSWD-01 1:trancell 1:tester 1:telekom 1:telecom 1:telco 1:tech 1:talent 1:sysadm 1:super
2015/07/29/ 11:password 9:1234 6:ubnt 6:admin 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 4:test123 4:123456 3:user 3:test1234 3:test 3:TELESUP 3:public 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 2:SUPPORT 2:support 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:raspberry
2015/07/28/ 8:ubnt 2:Admin@123 1:vnc123 1:vnc 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:offiece 1:git123 1:git 1:asteriskftp 1:alex 1:123456 1:1234
2015/07/27/ 5:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/07/26/ 5:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:user 1:test 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:guest 1:ftp 1:apache 1:admin 1:12345 1:1234
2015/07/25/ 6:ubnt 1:webmaster 1:user 1:test123 1:superuser 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:oracle 1:logout 1:guest 1:ftp 1:demo 1:bin 1:asteriskftp
2015/07/24/ 17:password 5:SYS 5:changeme 4:ubnt 4:OCS 4:HPOFFICE 4:admin 3:TELESUP 3:COGNOS 2:test 2:SUPPORT 2:super 2:SECURITY 2:Sakura123 2:Sakura 2:router 2:public 2:operator 2:ITF3000 2:HPONLY
2015/07/23/ 6:password 5:1234 4:ubnt 4:123456 3:admin 2:user 2:support 2:Sakura123 2:Sakura 2:raspberry 2:public 2:pass 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 2:Asante 1:z 1:xxyyzz 1:www 1:wlsepassword 1:wlsedb
2015/07/22/ 3:ubnt
2015/07/21/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:password 1:ftp 1:12345 1:1234
2015/07/20/ 11:123456 3:1q2w3e4r 3:123qwe 2:user 2:support 2:qwe123 1:www 1:ubnt 1:sybase 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:oracle 1:mysql 1:melissa 1:matrix 1:hadoop 1:demo 1:asteriskftp 1:1234
2015/07/19/ 3:123456 2:ubnt 1:user1 1:user03 1:user02 1:user01 1:user 1:ubuntu 1:test123 1:test 1:support 1:suporte 1:raspberry 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp 1:operator 1:nagios 1:guest 1:asteriskftp 1:a
2015/07/18/ 2:111111 1:zzaaqq11 1:zxczxc 1:zxcvzx 1:zxcvbnm,./520 1:zxcvbnm``12345 1:zxcvbnm,./ 1:zxcvbnm,. 1:zxcvbnm 1:zxcvbn 1:zxcvb 1:ubnt 1:toor 1:tomcat 1:rootadmin 1:root 1:qwerty 1:qwe123 1:qazwsx 1:p@ssw0rd
2015/07/17/ 7:123456 6:babadelacolt 5:test 5:support 4:zxin10 4:webmaster123 4:webmaster 4:service 4:sammy 4:richard 4:postgres 4:oracle123 4:oracle 4:nagios 4:manager123 4:manager 4:loler11q 4:kms 4:iptv 4:ibiza0231
2015/07/16/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:administrator 1:admin 1:123456 1:1234
2015/07/14/ 15:password 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 5:changeme 4:TELESUP 3:SECURITY 3:OCS 3:COGNOS 3:admin 2:User 2:sysadmin 2:SUPPORT 2:rwmaint 2:router 2:ntacdmax 2:maint 2:ITF3000 2:HPONLY 2:HPDESK 2:CNAS
2015/07/13/ 6:1234 5:password 4:Admin@123 4:admin 3:ubnt 3:test 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:guest 3:asteriskftp 3:123456 2:user 2:raspberry 2:public 2:pass 2:default 2:cisco 2:Asante 1:z 1:xxyyzz
2015/07/10/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:test 2:support 2:guest 2:ftpuser
2015/07/03/ 2:ubnt 1:vyatta 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:mailman 1:guest 1:ftp 1:asteriskftp 1:apache
2015/07/02/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:operator 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/07/01/ 3:ubnt 1:ubn 1:support 1:root 1:admin
2015/06/30/ 4:support 1:ubnt 1:test 1:root 1:admin
2015/06/29/ 2:support 2:asteriskftp 2:1234 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test123 1:test1 1:technicom 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:pass 1:nagios 1:guest 1:cisco 1:adam 1:123456
2015/06/28/ 2:ftp 1:test 1:support 1:public 1:1234
2015/06/27/ 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 1:test123 1:scan 1:ruth 1:operator 1:download 1:abc123
2015/06/26/ 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 1:ubnt 1:admin
2015/06/25/ 2: 2: 2: 1:support 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1:
2015/06/24/ 2:ubnt 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2:
2015/06/23/ 19:password 8:admin 6:changeme 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 5:1234 4:OCS 3:ubnt 3:TELESUP 3:COGNOS 3:12345 2:tech 2:SUPPORT 2:super 2:smcadmin 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:router 2:public 2:ITF3000
2015/06/22/ 4:support 3:123456 3:1234 2:user 2:ubnt 2:raspberry 2:public 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:pass 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2:
2015/06/21/ 4: 4: 4: 3: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 2: 1:user
2015/06/20/ 4:OCS 4: 4: 3:password 2:User 2:TELESUP 2:router 2:HPOFFICE 2:admin 2: 2: 2: 1:vodafone 1:uplink 1:UI-PSWD-02 1:UI-PSWD-01 1:tmadmin 1:timely 1:telekom 1:telecom
2015/06/19/ 7:password 7:1234 5:admin 4:SYS 4:support 3:ubnt 3:PlcmSpIp 3:HPOFFICE 3:123456 2:WORD 2:TELESUP 2:public 2:pass 2:HPDESK 2:COGNOS 2:CNAS 2:cisco 2:changeme 2:CCC 2:asteriskftp
2015/06/18/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:trib 1:test123 1:test 1:telnet 1:support 1:stef 1:sef 1:rex 1:raspberry 1:psybnc 1:print 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pl 1:nagios 1:max 1:irc 1:ionut 1:hk
2015/06/17/ 1:wwwrun 1:webpop 1:web 1:user 1:ubnt 1:technicom 1:suva 1:susan 1:support 1:sunsun 1:steven 1:stephen 1:sgi 1:search 1:sara 1:sales 1:rpm 1:robert 1:richard 1:resin
2015/06/16/ 3:123456 2:password 1:www-data 1:word 1:username 1:user 1:test12345 1:test 1:support 1:shop 1:sharon 1:nobody 1:network 1:mike 1:http 1:data 1:danny 1:brett 1:backup 1:alex
2015/06/15/ 3:admin 2:zxcvbnm 2:zxc12345 2:zxc1234 2:zxc123 2:woaini520 2:woaini123 2:root12345 2:root1234 2:root123 2:root 2:r00t123 2:qwertyuiop 2:qwerty123456 2:qwerroot 2:qwe123456 2:qwe12345 2:qwe1234 2:Qq12345678 2:qq12345678
2015/06/14/ 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:support 1:public 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pass 1:frAQBc8Wsa1xVPfvJcrgRYwTiizs2trQ 1:cisco 1:asteriskftp 1:123456 1:1234
2015/06/13/ 1:user 1:raspberry 1:frAQBc8Wsa1xVPfvJcrgRYwTiizs2trQ
2015/06/12/ 3:ubnt 3:support 3:PlcmSpIp 3:mysql 2:user 2:raspberry 2:frAQBc8Wsa1xVPfvJcrgRYwTiizs2trQ 2:asteriskftp 2:123456 1:www 1:vyatta 1:test 1:SD 1:public 1:pos 1:pass 1:oracle 1:nagios 1:guest 1:ftpuser
2015/06/11/ 3:ubnt 2:wangwei 2:user 2:test 2:system 2:rootroot 2:root123 2:root12 2:root 2:qwer1234 2:qwe123 2:qazwsxedc 2:qazwsx 2:q1w2e3 2:p@ssw0rd 2:power 2:Pa$$w0rd 2:password 2:Passw0rd 2:manager
2015/06/10/ 7:password 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 4:OCS 4:COGNOS 4:admin 3:TELESUP 3:ITF3000 2:WORD 2:User 2:SUPPORT 2:SECURITY 2:REGO 2:NETBASE 2:INTX3 2:HPP196 2:HPONLY 2:HPDESK 2:frAQBc8Wsa1xVPfvJcrgRYwTiizs2trQ 2:CNAS
2015/06/09/ 6:1234 4:ubnt 4:PlcmSpIp 4:123456 3:user 3:support 3:public 3:password 3:pass 3:cisco 3:asteriskftp 2:secret 2:raspberry 2:admin 1:z 1:www 1:webmaster 1:web 1:vyatta 1:volition
2015/06/07/ 2:frAQBc8Wsa1xVPfvJcrgRYwTiizs2trQ 1:michael 1:123456
2015/06/06/ 4:ubnt 3:root 3:PlcmSpIp 3:password 3:default 3:asteriskftp 2:admin
2015/06/05/ 2:user 2:un07Nc6A/R9yq2qaQZs= 2:ubnt 2:root 2:password 2:oracle 2:firewall 2:calvin 2:bcd123456 2:alpine 2:admin@123 2:admin123 2:admin 2:888888 2:123456789 2:123456 2:123123
2015/06/04/ 3:SYS 2:COGNOS 1:XLSERVER 1:WORD 1:VESOFT 1:tiger123 1:TELESUP 1:SYSTEM 1:SUPPORT 1:supervisor 1:SECURITY 1:ROBELLE 1:RJE 1:REGO 1:PlsChgMe 1:nimdaten 1:netman 1:NETBASE 1:ITF3000 1:INTX3
2015/06/03/ 5:password 4:admin 4:1234 2:Asante 2:12345 1:wrgg15_di524 1:wlsepassword 1:wlsedb 1:webuser 1:webalizer123 1:webalizer 1:webadmin 1:web123 1:web 1:vyatta 1:volition 1:unknown123 1:unknown 1:ubnt 1:ubn
2015/06/02/ 5:123456 4:1234 4:123 3:support 3:qwerty 2:ubnt 2:students 2:student 2:public 2:PlcmSpIp 2:password 2:pass 2:cisco 2:asteriskftp 2:asdfgh 2:alpine 2:abcd1234 2:abc123 2:12345 1:z
2015/06/01/ 4:ubnt 3:root 3:linux 3:alpine 2:mail 1:user 1:support 1:squirrelmail123 1:squirrelmail 1:smmsp123 1:smmsp 1:simulator 1:simple123 1:simple 1:shell123 1:share123 1:share 1:server123 1:server 1:sendmail
2015/05/31/ 2:man 2:gnats 1:vmail 1:ubnt 1:sys 1:sync 1:smmtas 1:smmsp 1:proftpd 1:postfix 1:oracle123 1:nobody123 1:nfsnobody123 1:nfsnobody 1:news123 1:news 1:netdump123 1:netdump 1:nasa123 1:nasa
2015/05/30/ 1:www-data 1:uucp 1:usbmux 1:tkroche 1:sysopr 1:sysadmin 1:sysadm 1:statd 1:saned 1:proxy 1:nobody 1:montelpare 1:messagebus 1:list 1:libuuid 1:jpmckenna 1:hobrien 1:hlambe 1:gpotter 1:gnats
2015/05/29/ 3:1234 2:ubnt 2:qwerty 2:123456 2:12345 1:user 1:testing1234 1:testing123 1:testbox 1:test 1:sysadm 1:support 1:spor123 1:spor 1:oshea 1:msboulter 1:meburns 1:masters 1:lmackeigan 1:klara
2015/05/28/ 1:isa 1:iris 1:ingrid 1:ines 1:ina 1:hlse
2015/05/27/ 3:123456 2:user 2:test 2:password 2:guest 1:wwwrun 1:www-data 1:www 1:word 1:webpop 1:webmaster 1:webadmin 1:web 1:username 1:unix 1:ubnt 1:test12345 1:test123 1:technicom 1:suva
2015/05/26/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:pam 1:paige 1:pace 1:ozzie 1:oz 1:ovidiu123 1:ovidiu 1:otto 1:oswald 1:osvaldo 1:osbourne 1:osborne 1:osborn 1:orders123 1:orders 1:oprah
2015/05/25/ 4:ubnt 4:root 4:admin 3:123456 1:Where 1:text 1:right 1:psy 1:notice 1:noah 1:nigel 1:nichole 1:nicholas 1:newsletter123 1:newsletter 1:nellie 1:neil 1:ned 1:neal 1:nathan
2015/05/24/ 2:ubnt 2:blank 1:zxvf 1:ZXDSL 1:xd 1:witpack 1:winterm 1:VTech 1:user 1:tiaranet 1:tgz 1:test 1:support 1:smecher 1:SESAME 1:send 1:r@p8p0r+ 1:rootkit 1:rk 1:printul
2015/05/23/ 19:password 7:admin 6:SYS 6:1234 5:HPOFFICE 5:changeme 4:OCS 3:TELESUP 3:public 3:COGNOS 3:123456 2:VESOFT 2:User 2:ubnt 2:tech 2:SUPPORT 2:super 2:smcadmin 2:SECURITY 2:router
2015/05/22/ 1:Zmeu 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:telnet 1:support 1:sef 1:rex 1:print 1:pl 1:nick 1:michi 1:max 1:liza 1:liz 1:livia 1:livechat123 1:livechat 1:lisa 1:linda
2015/05/21/ 3:user 3:root 3:admin 2:ubnt 2:test 2:operator 1:zxcvbnm 1:zxc123 1:zxc 1:zhou1234 1:zhangbin 1:XK(025)uma 1:xirang@123 1:xiaoyueyue 1:www.sina.com.cn 1:welc0me 1:weiwei520 1:webpop 1:warrior 1:wangwei
2015/05/20/ 2:password 1:wwwrun 1:www-data 1:www 1:web 1:username 1:user 1:technicom 1:stephen 1:shop 1:scan 1:sales 1:richard 1:nobody 1:michael 1:juliana 1:julian 1:jule 1:judy 1:jude
2015/05/19/ 4:ubnt 1:webmaster 1:webadmin 1:test 1:shell 1:oracle 1:network 1:linux 1:library 1:jeanine 1:jeanette 1:jazmine 1:jazmin 1:jayme 1:jay 1:jason 1:jarod 1:jared 1:jaqueline 1:january
2015/05/18/ 3:user 3:ubnt 2:root 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:test 1:support 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:hotels 1:hotel 1:horace 1:homer 1:hillary 1:hilary 1:herman 1:herbert 1:herb 1:henry 1:help123
2015/05/17/ 3:ubnt 2:support 1:user 1:test 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:guest 1:grant 1:graham 1:gracie 1:grace 1:gordon 1:godfrey 1:goddard 1:gloria 1:glenn 1:glen 1:gladys 1:git 1:giselle
2015/05/16/ 1:ubnt 1:gabby 1:fulton 1:fritz 1:freeman 1:fredrick 1:freddy 1:freddie 1:fred 1:fraser 1:franklin 1:frankie 1:frank 1:francis 1:fran 1:fox 1:foster 1:forrest 1:forest 1:flower
2015/05/15/ 3:user 3:ubnt 2:support 2:elizabeth 2:admin 1:test 1:guest 1:eustace 1:eula 1:eugenia 1:eugene 1:eugen 1:ethan 1:esther 1:eryn 1:ernie 1:ernest 1:erick 1:erica 1:eric
2015/05/14/ 2:user 2:ubnt 2:support 2:raspberry 1:www 1:webmaster 1:vyatta 1:uucp 1:testuser 1:test123 1:test 1:sales 1:postgres 1:PlcmSpIp123 1:PlcmSpIp 1:pi 1:password1 1:password 1:oracle 1:operator
2015/05/13/ 1:denis 1:delia 1:december 1:deborah 1:debby 1:debbie 1:deb 1:dean 1:dax 1:davy 1:dave 1:darla 1:darius 1:dario 1:darian 1:daren 1:darcy 1:daphne 1:daniele 1:daniel
2015/05/12/ 1:clinton 1:cliff 1:claudiu 1:claude 1:clark 1:clare 1:clara 1:cindy 1:chucky 1:chuck 1:christopher 1:christmas 1:chrissie 1:chris 1:chloe 1:chip 1:chile 1:chester 1:cher 1:chase
2015/05/11/ 1:camellia 1:camelia 1:calvin 1:butthead 1:burt 1:buffy 1:buddy 1:bud 1:buck 1:bryce 1:bryan 1:bruce 1:brooklyn 1:britney 1:bridget 1:briana 1:brian 1:bret 1:brenda 1:brandon
2015/05/10/ 1:barbie 1:baptist 1:bambi 1:baldwin 1:bailey 1:austin 1:augusta 1:august 1:attila 1:asia 1:ashton123 1:ashton 1:ashley 1:arthur123 1:arthur 1:arnold123 1:arnold 1:april123 1:april 1:antony123
2015/05/09/ 7:password 1:tomcat 1:tom123 1:tom 1:test 1:temp123 1:temp 1:teamspeak123 1:teamspeak 1:svn123 1:svn 1:samba 1:protocol 1:postgres 1:physics 1:oracle123 1:oracle 1:nagios123 1:nagios 1:muh
2015/05/08/ 4:ubnt 2:user 2:admin 1:windows 1:west 1:trinity 1:technology 1:tear 1:suse 1:sus 1:storm 1:space 1:south 1:silence 1:science 1:ps 1:north 1:noc 1:nevada 1:netstat
2015/05/07/ 1:webcam 1:web2 1:web1 1:vnc 1:video 1:tomcat4 1:ten 1:sunos 1:src 1:sparc 1:slut 1:shit 1:sapdb 1:sad 1:router 1:redhat 1:random 1:photo 1:pentagon 1:music
2015/05/06/ 2:test123 2:password 2:oracle 2:admin 2:654321 2:123456 1:zxcvbnm 1:zxc123 1:zxc 1:zhou1234 1:zhangbin 1:XK(025)uma 1:xirang@123 1:xiaoyueyue 1:www.sina.com.cn 1:welc0me 1:weiwei520 1:wednesday 1:webadmin 1:warrior
2015/05/05/ 1:yellow 1:year 1:xxx 1:winter 1:white 1:wget 1:webportal 1:vscan 1:violet 1:topic 1:tomato 1:tomaso 1:test 1:temp123 1:temp 1:sybase 1:summer 1:snow 1:skyrix 1:project
2015/05/04/ 1:whitehat 1:webber 1:view 1:track 1:teodora 1:teo 1:superman 1:suck 1:spring 1:sports 1:sport 1:spam 1:simona 1:silvia 1:pula 1:phone 1:paula 1:oscar 1:navy 1:mutt
2015/05/03/ 1:z 1:y 1:x 1:w 1:voice 1:v 1:ubnt 1:u 1:test3 1:test2 1:test1 1:t 1:s 1:r 1:q 1:public 1:peru 1:p 1:o 1:n
2015/05/02/ 20:123456 10:qwe123 10:1q2w3e4r 10:123qwe 3:ubnt 2:www-data 2:www 2:mysql 2:developer 1:zabbix 1:user3 1:user2 1:user1 1:user03 1:user02 1:user01 1:usa 1:ubuntu 1:tomcat123 1:tomcat
2015/05/01/ 6:babadelacolt 6:123456 5:123 4:ibiza0231 3:sysadmin 2:webmaster123 2:war123/* 2:support 2:superuser 2:qwerty 2:florin1977 2:delibare1982 2:bobolito123 2:bl3rand,. 2:asdfgh 2:admin 2:abcd1234 2:abc123 2:a0.418.0a 2:1q2w3e
2015/04/30/ 2:students 2:student 2:rpcuser 2:qwerty 2:mail 2:asdfgh 2:abcd1234 2:abc123 2:1q2w3e 2:123456 2:12345 2:1234 2:123 1:ubnt 1:studentsaccount 1:students1234 1:students123 1:studentaccount 1:student1234 1:student123
2015/04/29/ 5:ubnt 1:smartlist 1:proxy123 1:proxy 1:printer 1:postgres123 1:postgres 1:postfix123 1:popa3d123 1:popa3d 1:pop123 1:pop 1:pcap123 1:pcap 1:oracle123 1:operator123 1:nobody123 1:nfsnobody123 1:nfsnobody 1:news123
2015/04/28/ 2:sysadmin 2:sysadm 2:delibare1982 2:bl3rand,. 2:apacheserver 2:apache123 2:a0.418.0a 1:worlddomination 1:war123/* 1:SYMD091404-CA 1:stres123 1:sor123in 1:pelicanu22 1:payment123QWE 1:Paras@srishti 1:magnnum1234magnnum 1:loler11q 1:games123 1:g30123-+ 1:ftpuser
2015/04/27/ 4:qwerty 4:abcd1234 4:abc123 4:1q2w3e 4:123 3:testing 3:tester 3:123456 3:12345 2:asdfgh 2:1234 1:testing1234 1:tester1234 1:tester123 1:testbox 1:test1234 1:sarah 1:marie 1:konstanze 1:klara
2015/04/26/ 1:user1:123456 1:ubnt 1:kaethe 1:jutta 1:julianne 1:julia 1:johanna 1:jill 1:Jana 1:iris 1:ingrid 1:ingeborg 1:inge 1:ines 1:ina 1:hlse 1:hilde 1:helga 1:helene 1:heike
2015/04/25/ 2:ubnt 2:ubnr 2:admin 1:frauke 1:franziska 1:erika 1:emma 1:emilie 1:elsa 1:elli 1:ellen 1:elke 1:elisabeth 1:eliane 1:elfi 1:elena 1:eike 1:effi 1:edith 1:dorothee
2015/04/24/ 1:Where 1:thecyber12 1:text 1:right 1:psy 1:passwd 1:nothing 1:nina 1:love 1:lost 1:left 1:leave 1:fluffy 1:file 1:deutchland 1:deutch 1:cyborg 1:bot 1:baerbel 1:antje
2015/04/23/ 1:yahoo 1:unseen 1:undernet 1:to 1:tgz 1:tar 1:squid 1:smecher 1:sh 1:send 1:sabin 1:rootkit 1:rk 1:postfix 1:pico 1:password 1:ok 1:not 1:nicole 1:nickname
2015/04/22/ 4:ubnt 1:za 1:us 1:uk 1:trib 1:stef 1:station 1:stan 1:sex 1:sef 1:samba 1:rumeno 1:root:Passw0rd 1:rex 1:radu 1:print 1:play 1:pl 1:pe 1:password
2015/04/21/ 2:operator 1:Zmeu 1:webpop 1:users 1:user 1:ubnt 1:testtest 1:telnet 1:technicom 1:teamspeak3 1:teamspeak 1:suva 1:susan 1:support 1:sunsun 1:sunny 1:steven 1:sshd 1:ssh 1:sonyvegaspro
2015/04/20/ 3:123456 2:user 2:password 1:wwwrun 1:www-data 1:www 1:web 1:username 1:ubnt 1:test12345 1:test 1:teamspeak3 1:teamspeak 1:support 1:stephen 1:shop 1:sharon 1:sales 1:richard 1:nobody
2015/04/19/ 1:word 1:webadmin 1:unix 1:test123 1:test 1:shell 1:oracle 1:mysql 1:master 1:library 1:info 1:guest 1:ftp 1:fluffy 1:apache
2015/04/18/ 1:ubnt
2015/04/17/ 6:ubnt 2:  2:admin
2015/04/16/ 1:test 1:ghost
2015/04/15/ 2:root 2:password 2:administrator 2:admin 1:ubnt
2015/04/13/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:raspberry 1:pos 1:PlcmSpIp 1:ftpuser 1:ftp123 1:ftp 1:asteriskftp 1:adam 1:123456 1:12345
2015/04/12/ 3:ubnt 2:uucp 2:root 2:admin
2015/04/11/ 8:ubnt 7:user 7:ubnt0 7:test 7:root 7:oracle 7:  7:admin 7:1234567890 7:123456 7:12345 7:1234 7:123 1:support
2015/04/10/ 3:password 2:master 2:blank 2:12345 1:ZXDSL 1:xd 1:xbox 1:x-admin 1:www-data 1:work 1:witpack 1:winterm 1:w0rkplac3rul3s 1:VTech 1:uucp 1:ubnt 1:ts 1:trial 1:tomcat 1:tiaranet
2015/04/09/ 20:password 9:1234 7:admin 6:123456 5:HPOFFICE 5:changeme 4:ubnt 4:SYS 4:root 3:User 3:user 3:TELESUP 3:public 3:COGNOS 2:test1 2:SUPPORT 2:support 2:super 2:smcadmin 2:SECURITY
2015/04/07/ 2:support 1:user 1:ubnt 1:raspberry 1:PlcmSpIp 1:password 1:operator 1:monitor 1:guest 1:grethe 1:gretchen 1:gisela 1:gertrud 1:gerda 1:gabi 1:frieda 1:frauke 1:franziska 1:flora 1:eva
2015/04/06/ 5:user 5:toor 5:root 5:randomshitlmaololtopkekwutm8shrektmlg 5:guest 5:admin 1:ubnt 1:connie 1:christine 1:christiane 1:christel 1:christa 1:charlotte 1:celine 1:catharina 1:carolin 1:brigitte 1:birgit 1:berta 1:beatrice
2015/04/05/ 1:work 1:Where 1:tgz 1:text 1:tar 1:smecher 1:rootkit 1:rk 1:right 1:psy 1:printul 1:pico 1:passwd 1:ok 1:notice 1:nothing 1:nologin 1:nina 1:nickname 1:nice
2015/04/04/ 1:yahoo 1:us 1:unseen 1:uk 1:squid 1:sh 1:send 1:rumeno 1:postfix 1:play 1:password 1:open 1:not 1:nicole 1:mailman 1:lp 1:ldap 1:kernel 1:kathi 1:it
2015/04/03/ 5:12345 5:1234 2:ubnt 2:123456 1:Zmeu 1:za 1:xbmc 1:user 1:trib 1:telnet 1:support 1:station 1:stan 1:sex 1:root 1:retset 1:raspberry 1:radu 1:print 1:PlcmSpIp
2015/04/02/ 1:wwwrun 1:www 1:webpop 1:web 1:users 1:ubnt 1:suva 1:sunny 1:stephen 1:sshd 1:ssh 1:shop 1:sgi 1:search 1:sara 1:sales 1:rpm 1:robert 1:richard 1:resin
2015/04/01/ 11:password 4:OCS 3:changeme 2:User 2:router 1:word 1:webadmin 1:username 1:user 1:uplink 1:unix 1:trancell 1:test12345 1:test123 1:telekom 1:telecom 1:tech 1:talent 1:sysadm 1:super
2015/03/31/ 11:password 8:1234 6:123456 5:SYS 5:HPOFFICE 5:admin 3:TELESUP 3:public 3:COGNOS 3:changeme 2:webmaster 2:user 2:test 2:SUPPORT 2:support 2:smcadmin 2:SECURITY 2:secret 2:root 2:raspberry
2015/03/30/ 1:ubnt
2015/03/25/ 1:ubnt 1:support 1:raspberry
2015/03/23/ 3:user 3:support 3:raspberry 3:guest 2:wangtong 2:ubnt 2:tt123456 2:rootroot 2:root1234 2:qwerty123 2:qwe123 2:PlcmSpIp 2:passwords 2:password 2:oracle123 2:operator 2:nagios 2:mysql 2:google 2:ftpuser
2015/03/22/ 2:delibare1982 2:bl3rand,. 2:a0.418.0a 1:worlddomination 1:war123/* 1:user 1:ubnt 1:test 1:SYMD091404-CA 1:support 1:stres123 1:sor123in 1:pelicanu22 1:payment123QWE 1:Paras@srishti 1:magnnum1234magnnum 1:loler11q 1:guest 1:g30123-+ 1:floo2all
2015/03/21/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:support 1:root 1:guest 1:admin 1:123456 1:12345 1:1234 1:123
2015/03/20/ 2:ubnt 1:user 1:test 1:support 1:root 1:guest 1:admin 1:11111

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