LongTail Log Analysis @ Marist College Historical Page, All SSH Ports for 2017/08/05

LongTail Log Analysis Historical Page, All SSH Ports for 2017/08/05

Today's Attack Map
Data on this page last updated on Sun Aug 6 01:57:08 EDT 2017
Number of ssh login attempts today56978
Number of usernames seen today274
Number of unique usernames seen today273
Number of passwords seen today27486
Number of unique passwords seen today9
Number of IP addresses seen today161
Number of unique IP addresses seen today134
Number of sshPsycho attacks today0
Number of friends of sshPsycho attacks today56978
Number of associates of sshPsycho attacks today0

Root Passwords
Top 20 Root Passwords

Admin Passwords
Top 20 Admin Passwords

Non Root/Admin Passwords
Top 20 Non Root/Admin Passwords

Non Root Accounts
Top 20 Accounts

Non Root Pairs
Top 20 Non Root Pairs

IP Addresses
Top 20 IP Addresses
Attacks By Country
Top 20 Attacks By Country

Ssh Attacks By Time Of Day

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