LongTail Log Analysis

Password Analysis of All Passwords

Created on Wed May 22 12:23:59 EDT 2019
Total Passwords
Only Lowercase letters
Only Uppercase letters
Only numbers
numbers, periods, "E"
Only alphaNum
Ends with .edu|.com|.org|.net|.org|.tv|.cn (Thanks to http://www.netsec.ethz.ch/publications/papers/passwords15-abdou.pdf for the idea!)
Only only non numeric/alpha
Contains a year
Contains two years
Contains two years separated
Contains a month in english
Contains a day of the week in English
Number of words in the wordsEn.txt English dictionary 109582
Number of passwords found in the wordsEn.txt dictionary
Words that don't match any of the above criteria

Length of
Number of
unique passwords

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